With the rise of public expectations for social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and diversity and inclusion, combined with the worldwide long-term shift towards conscious consumption, we must embrace new criteria to prosper.​


We honor the importance of a corporate conscience. Our actions are as important as what we say in our marketing.​


We adhere to global labor standards and practices. We support Global Fair Trade agreements and undertake a responsibility to support a fair and honest marketplace.​


We tread lightly on the planet. We strive to reduce our ecological footprint and deliver a service whereby no human being or animal is harmed by our product or service.​

The Future

We espouse sustainability for future generations. We're moving toward sustainability in preserving our planet's non-renewable resources for those unborn.​

Diversity Statement

Diversity.​ Inclusion.​ They’re more than just words for us.​ We believe we’ll do better if our employees come from different backgrounds, and if we create an environment of inclusion and belonging for them. We know that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is a more innovative and successful one.


If you have any questions about our hiring policy or our sustainable business policy please contact us at info@NYC400th.com

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